Friday, July 30, 2010

The view from here...

The view from here at l'uccello is wonderful, St Paul's Cathedral is so beautiful, especially on rainy, misty grey days. The gentler light seems to suit this lovely gothic revival building, it brings out the detail in the different coloured stones and little patches of moss. It is such an inspiring colour palette, muted with a myriad of subtle colour variations.  When the church bells ring at dusk for evensong and the tourist horses and carriages are clip clopping up Swanston Street it feels like another time, magic.

They are doing some restoration on the Cathedral's beautiful stained glass windows, how cold must it be up in that cherry picker?
Facing the other direction looking towards the town hall, the plane trees outside our windows are home to many sparrows who like to visit in summer when the doors are open.

View from the office through the beautiful bevelled glass doors that line one side of our room. They catch the sunlight at different times of day and throw little shards of light across the opposite wall and the ceiling, like light reflected off water.

The view inside l'uccello has been pretty great too, lots of new stock has arrived, including these lovely vintage glass buttons, casein buckles and buttons and fab carved wooden coat buttons.

More gorgeous prints from Moda and Marcus Bros.

Beautiful vintage cotton lace from France, more lovely vintage French buttons, fabric charm packs from Moda and restock of pretty velvet violet posies and cute little Scottie dog buttons.

Stunning Master of Linen grade pure linens are now available by the metre.

Our first shipment of antique French textiles, dating from the 1870s to early and mid 20th century. We will be making these up into limited edition cushions.

Gorgeous vintage French and Czech glass buttons, very pretty.

Finally, thank you so much to our new followers and the lovely customers who have popped in for a visit, your support is greatly appreciated.


  1. Love your blog! Inspiring post! Love the new antique French textiles and cotton lace! :)

  2. Love, love, love those french textiles!!!! And the buttons...the view...all of it!

  3. Wish I were there with you, you certainly make
    Melbourne come to life in a very romantic light.
    I would be deighted to be there with you and enjoy all the wonders you have to offer.