Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parlez moi d'amour

Parlez moi d'amour, speak to me of love.... love of heartbreakingly beautiful vintage French millinery, could these roses and rolls of frothy vintage cotton tulle be any more lovely? The tulle is like sorbet in the most gorgeous shades of coral, vermilion, dusky mauve and madder rose and the roses are so luscious, it's almost too much to bare.

We have had lots of new arrivals this week, more stunning vintage French ribbons, hat pins made in Paris, lots of fab vintage French buttons, gorgeous little sets of mending thread from Italy, cones and spools of lovely linen and mercerised cotton and a big stack of classic French linen laundry cloth, no wonder we are feeling more than a little excited, it's enough to make you start quoting French love songs.

Lovely vintage threads, mercerised cotton from Australia, Irish linen thread and balls of thread from France, perfect for display or for sewing.

Great vintage buttons from France, large coat buttons, lovely glass and vegetable ivory and some fabulous cut away plastic buttons, a really interesting collection.

Definitely the cutest packets of threads we have ever had, little balls of glossy thread for mending stockings, " per le vostre calze!" we love the font on the packaging, classic Italian style.

In honour of the arrival of these fabulous French laundry cloths we rearranged the shop, how lovely do they look with the vintage shuttles and our Scented pillows for linen? These lovely vintage cloths were used to protect precious bed linen from the big rollers used to squeeze the water out during laundering, they are a lovely raw linen colour and many have hand embroidered initials on them. They make great table runners/cloths or are great for cushions etc, they are about 3 metres long.

More divine vintage French ribbons in the most beautiful shades of duck egg blue, burgundy, golden russet and dusky pink. We also received our first delivery of these fabulous vintage hat pins, made in Paris. Some of them didn't even make into the display cabinet before they were snapped up.

Parlez moi d'amour............


  1. hello kim,
    naughty of me to ask but are all the colours the same as the open box of those per le vostre calze! boxes?they are divine : )

  2. Hi Rachel,
    they are just too gorgeous aren't they! Yes they are all the same on the inside, just the box colour is different, red, blue or chocolate. Thanks for your comment, have a lovely day regards Kim