Friday, July 16, 2010

Bastille Day

Winter light in Castres, south west France, January 2009. The museum was closed so we went and had coffee in a lovely square in the sunshine, it was about 5 degrees but the sun was a little warm on our faces and the coffee was hot and strong. Then we went to the fabric store and they were having a sale, rolls and rolls of country style woven checks and stripes at half price, perfect day!

Our Bastille Day deliveries could not have been more delightful, these deco French sequin motifs are superb, a rich antique cream with ab highlights and black with gunmetal highlights. They are probably celluloid and are beautifully sewn, they are some of the best quality we have seen, the photo does not do them justice.

One of our most exceptional finds! Authentic antique French whalebone for corsetry, beautifully covered with woven straw, extremely rare and in lovely condition. It will be available for sale next week.

Exsquisite hand made Edwardian lace

Something for the boys, French antique collars.

We also received these fabulous 1950s and 60s Swiss guipure lace pieces, we are going to make up packs with an assortment of pieces of lace and ribbons for small projects, they should be ready next week.

Just in case that's not enough guipure we also received this spectacular roll of lace, it is around 30cm wide and in perfect condition.

And finally, remember how we were having kittens over the vintage silk flowers last week? Well we managed to source a box full! So between the roses and the sleep deprivation from staying up to watch Le Tour (poor Cadel!), the mountains of lace to sort and l'uccello heat pillows waiting to be packaged,  the shop is a little chaotic, just the way we like it.

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