Thursday, July 22, 2010

Favourite things part 2

The biscotti and coffee from Brunettis are always fresh and delicious, today we had cherry, fig and pistachio. If you get there early try the horseshoes, crescents of pastry twisted with currants and toasted almonds, perfect!

I have too much stuff, but I can't stop collecting more, cards, photos, lace, labels, gelato tubs (from my favourite gelato bar in Florence) and even the wire from champagne must be kept, so I have covered the wall of the office with pin boards. I just can't seem to throw these things out, each item has a memory of something special, is a great colour or inspiring in one way or another.

I love ephemera, it can be bitter sweet, even a little melancholy sometimes, some things seem to have a certain resonance about them. I found these photos in a bric a brac shop, the owner said the man who owned the photos didn't want them and was going to throw them out. I had to buy them it was too sad that no one wanted them, they are so lovely. I plan to use them in an assemblage of found objects.

I especially love this one.

I found this photo in a box of old post cards, it is labeled Geelong 1924, what a lovely regatta on the Barwon River.

These are my favourite pieces of ephemera, a diary from Galleries Lafayette in Paris, 1902. It contains diagrams of all the seating in the Opera houses and theatres of  Paris and a list of ticket prices. Also a list of people who came calling, lots of fabulous diagrams advertising the department store's wares and a daily list of expenses written by the diarie's owner. I use it as a source of reference as it has many diagrams and a couple of photos of all kinds of haberdashery and ladies accoutrements. The fabric samples from Bon Marche are from around the same period. delicate cottons for pretty nightdresses or floaty summer dresses.. The buttons are earlier, probably Gothic revival from the mid Victorian era, they are Ivory and the carving is superb.

This calling card was inside the diary, Tapissier means upholsterer.

A new tapestry for my collection, I love the colours and it is done in fine cross stitch, beautifully done.

New arrivals, a lovely little collection of fabrics from Moda and Marcus Bros. We especially love the new toile de jouy from French General.



  1. those ivory buttons are incredible!!

  2. What a lovely nostalgic trip, Kim, the way you
    set up is such a pleasure.
    love from Me