Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bloomin' marvelous

So I have been a bit behind on the blogging, this time of the year really starts to get a bit crazy. We are busy keeping up with Spring orders and new products, and starting our Christmas production, we have some lovely new treats for this years festive season. we are even starting to plan this years Marche Rouge Christmas market and our first classes, which will be Victorian style Christmas decorations. We have sourced lots of beautiful Dresden embossed, die cut papers and German glass glitter & lameta for authentic looking decorations (they won't be in store fore for another 2-3 weeks, we are just finalising some packaging)
We are also almost ready to go to print with lovely new labels for all of our l'uccello products, we can't wait to see it all together at last.
But the biggest story in store at the moment is the rapidly approaching Spring Carnival, while you are sleeping many of our fabulous milliners are busy creating their magical creations so all the ladies and gents look their glamorous best at the track this year.
Just in time we received a huge new delivery of the glorious blooms, lots of  lovely silk lovelies in a whole rainbow of colours.

Speaking of rainbows I have seen more rainbows in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years, and not ordinary wimpy rainbows, enormous, vibrant, isn't nature unbelievable rainbows. This is another one today from our balcony, I sure it is a good omen.

Lovely vintage silk freesias, velvet violets and strawberries

Posies of blossom and bell flowers. lovely flower broaches.

Pink so intense it almost hurts

Gorgeous new velvet and organza lilies

Pure purple silk and organza rose, lilac orchids and turquoise poppies

Tiny vintage silk leaves

New silk, velvet and organsa rose

Velvet strawberries

Fabulous new deluxe double rose, silk velvet and organza

And to top it off we got hugh new deliveries of ribbon

Hand dyed woven wool felt, (check out Cathy Baines' new patterns on her blog Willow Valley Store, it's in my list on the right)

And a big restock of delicious woolen felt.

Finally, look what I bought myself from my very clever friend Penelope Dursten at Cottage Industry (also in the list on the right) Beautifully made and amusing, classic Miss Pen Pen.

Have a great week  x

Sunday, September 4, 2011

l'uccello is open.....

l'uccello is now open Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm & Saturday 10am - 4pm.

 We have decided to make things easier for our lovely customers, no more trying to fit a visit in with your schedule, now we are open every day except Sunday, it's too easy.

Have a splendid week! x

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Must do list

No. 1 on my must do list is find time to go to Bendigo to see the White Wedding Dress Exhibition, in the mean time I am savouring this beautiful new book that arrived in store last week. It is by the V & A Museum, and it full of beautiful images of their divine wedding dress collection, I am not sure yet which pieces are in the Bendigo show.

No. 2 on my must do list is a little closer to home, Louise McDonald, maker of exquisite hats is having a retrospective exhibition in the Nicholas Building, so if you love fine millinery make sure you get along to see it. Click the link to the Nicholas Building blog in the right hand column for all the details

No. 3 on my must do list, after making hundreds of paper blossoms for their window display, I must get up to Kozminsky Jewellers, (421 Bourke Street Melbourne) because they are having a sale. Kozminsky stock the most divine range of jewellery, both new and antique, exquisitely refined and always fascinating, this Melbourne icon is home to an eclectic collection of treasures including fine art and objet d'art.

No. 4 on my must do list is to sort and price a small mountain of new stock that has just come in, including these delicious coloured vintage Czech glass buttons.

And these divine creatures from the early 20th century, again from Czechoslovakia

And these fabulous casein and Bakelite and celluloid buttons, perfect for coats or hand knits.

Clearly, whoever said blue and green should never be seen was crazy.

New vintage French ribbons in lovely rich russets, burgundies, black and a perfect shade of barely lilac grey.

Then there is the new velvet leaves and vintage stamens, it's very hard to get work done when everything is so lovely, it's very tempting to just paw over it all day.

New l'uccello Collect rosettes made with Victorian French silk ribbon and special covered buttons including some covered in a fragment of an antique flag and others covered with 19th century metallic lace.

And finally this gorgeous old chocolate box is full of delicate antique lace, divine!

What is on your must do list?

Have a great week, hope you are enjoying some of the lovely early Spring sunshine X