Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A blog post we just had to share.

It is official! We have the loveliest customers at l'uccello.....

There was a blog post recently about l'uccello that absolutely delighted us so we have finally found the time to share it. It's beautifully written and photographed by the lovely Zoe F. Willis. 

Because we love them so much we have shared a couple of Zoe's pictures below.
You can find Zoe's blog 'Things wot I have made' at www.thingswotihavemade.blogspot.com.au

Thank you Zoe you made our day.

photos by Zoe F. Willis

Friday, March 6, 2015

l'uccello update

Hello lovely people!

Just a short update. Due to reasons beyond our control the server hosting our website is down and therefore our online store is not working. The good news is that everything is business as usual at the store and we are more than happy to take mail orders over the phone 
on (03) 9639 0088 and you can also contact us via email at info@luccello.com.au

For updates check our facebook and instagram accounts. We have had a busy week of fabric deliveries from Yuwa, Liberty of London, Mas d' Ouvan and a new delivery of hand made felt.

And just a reminder l'uccello will be closed this Monday the 9th for the long weekend in Melbourne. 
Hope you all have a  lovely well deserved break!