Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I should be.......

I should be getting work done, there is more than enough to keep us busy. New windows for Kleins and Kozminskys coming up, orders for l'uccello scented pillows, craft kits and pomanders to fill, Christmas stock to get started on and preparing lots of goodies for our first


 The sale starts this Wednesday for a limited time only (while stocks last), we will have lots of buttons, lace, wool and other goodies at up to 50% off, and 10% off all other stock (books and stationary not included)

But I am having trouble focusing on all these things, I've been listening to too much tango and bossa nova, my head is still in Buenos Aires, strolling the antiques district and the streets lined with belle epoque buildings. Or in Rio de Janiero, on the beach in Ipanema or sipping a Caipirinha at Scenarium. Classic post holiday inertia.

Vintage Chanel....Divine!

This shop in Buenos Aires was amazing, racks and racks of clothing from mid 19th century until mid 20th century, in fabulous condition.

Row after row of antique hats,bonnets and wax bridal head pieces... heaven!

Beach volleyball? I don't think so....

A cool breeze blows in, Ipanema Beach

Ipanema, great neighbourhood

Cocktails at sunset just before our helicopter ride, it was too beautiful to be terrified

Sunset over Rio from the cable car heading up to Sugar Loaf... breathtaking!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blue Velvet

I saw Blue Velvet again recently, I love the way Isabella Rossellini's character is styled, especially her makeup. It reminded me that we have miles of beautiful blue velvet ribbon, lovely old rayon, very plush and perfect for luxurious floppy bows and draping. Around the same time I found a box of lovely vintage lilacs in different shades of blue, perfect for our new spring "window". We don't actually have a window to the store, so we like to have a display that can be seen as you walk by our door.

We have been busy rearranging the store to accommodate our new collection of vintage ribbons, there are so many they needed their own cabinet, it's so lovely to be able to see them all together.

One cabinet led to another, these are the antique buttons I brought back from Argentina, I have stitched them onto lovely old post cards.

And another, I had to make room for our new range, Love me True garters, made with antique lace, ribbon and pure silk. They are so pretty in ivory, dusty pink, palest apricot and of course blue. They are presented in a lovely silk organza bag complete with french seams. 

We have also been busy putting together lots of new kits, including the new Vintage Craft Collection. Lots of fun vintage crafty goodies including 1940s knitting needles, still with their original label.

Also a new batch of Vintage Ephemera Collections, stacks of fun bits and pieces for scrap booking, collage, journal making etc.

We have received our first delivery of these gorgeous broaches by Kathy Davidson, individual pieces hand made from vintage and new materials.

More buttons!! Including gorgeous 1920s and 1930s Czech glass.

How cute are these tins of French bonbons, perfect for pins etc when they are empty, the bonbons are delicious too.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Requiescant in pace

Requiescant in pace.... as promised lots of pictures of Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires,  a beautiful city of angels in miniature.
It was originally home to monks of the order of the Recoletas in the early 18th century. It was disbanded in 1822 and the gardens of the convent became Buenos Aires' first public cemetery, it was named Requiescant in pace.
There are nearly 5000 mausoleums, they vary in size, age, style and condition. My favourites were the ones that have fallen into disrepair, many overgrown with ferns and creepers and often occupied with various members of the cemetery's cat colony. Made up of narrow little streets it is a fascinating city in miniature, all with coffins in view. So many beautiful architectural details, especially the iron work and statues. 

So many romantic, tragic images, I think we need a quote....

She is coming, my own, my sweet;
were it ever so airy a tread,
My heart would hear her and beat,
Were it earth in an earthy bed;
My dust would hear her and beat,
 Had I lain for a century dead:
Would start and tremble under her feet,
And blossom in purple and red.

from Maud by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ola amigos!

Ola amigos, I'm back from my whirl wind trip to beautiful Buenos Aires and Rio De Janiero, what a crazy and fabulous week. This lovely angel waving to you is in the Recoleta Cemetery, just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Tiny streets lined with little mausoleums from different periods, some in magnificent decay, I will post lots of pictures in the next couple of days. 

Buenos Aires has some beautiful architecture, many of the buildings were designed by French architects in the late 19th century, some parts of town feel very Parisian.

This is the view from my hotel, Buenos Aires is beautiful in parts, densely populated and not without it's problems. It is edgy and intense, but the people I met were friendly and very hospitable and I can't wait to go back. Especially for the antique shops in San Telmo and the tango, I had a lesson and went to see a show, sooo fabulous! 

These lovely faded beauties came from an amazing store I found in San Telmo, Karl Largerfeld and John Galliano visit this place for inspiration- so many treasures it's like vintage haberdashery heaven.

While I was there I picked up some amazing pieces for the shop including these Art Deco buckles, in French enamel, Bakelite, celluloid and Opaline glass.

I also found lots of fabulous hat pins. including antique rhinestone, hand painted French porcelain and Art deco celluloid. I just had to have these stunning Victorian carved mother of pearl buttons, most of them are around 4-5 cm in diameter and beautifully carved. While I was away we received another shipment from France of these fun spiky and feather shaped hat pins, made from various materials including celluloid.

This collection features antique glass, Bakelite and celluloid buttons, Victorian and Edwardian hat pins, including the two fabulous art deco Bakelite and rhinestone pieces. Also included are more hat pins from our supplier in Paris, made from straw, celluloid and glass beads.

More fun and fruity pieces from Paris including some lovely new berries/stamens. The gorgeous piece in the centre is a celluloid buckle, it is incomplete but I love it and may have to keep it for my own collection.

And just in case we don't have enough vintage French ribbon, how about these lovely stripes and spots, in widths up to around 15cm wide, toooo much!

So much shopping for vintage haberdashery can wear a girl out, just as well we had a day on the beach at Ipanema .....