Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ola amigos!

Ola amigos, I'm back from my whirl wind trip to beautiful Buenos Aires and Rio De Janiero, what a crazy and fabulous week. This lovely angel waving to you is in the Recoleta Cemetery, just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Tiny streets lined with little mausoleums from different periods, some in magnificent decay, I will post lots of pictures in the next couple of days. 

Buenos Aires has some beautiful architecture, many of the buildings were designed by French architects in the late 19th century, some parts of town feel very Parisian.

This is the view from my hotel, Buenos Aires is beautiful in parts, densely populated and not without it's problems. It is edgy and intense, but the people I met were friendly and very hospitable and I can't wait to go back. Especially for the antique shops in San Telmo and the tango, I had a lesson and went to see a show, sooo fabulous! 

These lovely faded beauties came from an amazing store I found in San Telmo, Karl Largerfeld and John Galliano visit this place for inspiration- so many treasures it's like vintage haberdashery heaven.

While I was there I picked up some amazing pieces for the shop including these Art Deco buckles, in French enamel, Bakelite, celluloid and Opaline glass.

I also found lots of fabulous hat pins. including antique rhinestone, hand painted French porcelain and Art deco celluloid. I just had to have these stunning Victorian carved mother of pearl buttons, most of them are around 4-5 cm in diameter and beautifully carved. While I was away we received another shipment from France of these fun spiky and feather shaped hat pins, made from various materials including celluloid.

This collection features antique glass, Bakelite and celluloid buttons, Victorian and Edwardian hat pins, including the two fabulous art deco Bakelite and rhinestone pieces. Also included are more hat pins from our supplier in Paris, made from straw, celluloid and glass beads.

More fun and fruity pieces from Paris including some lovely new berries/stamens. The gorgeous piece in the centre is a celluloid buckle, it is incomplete but I love it and may have to keep it for my own collection.

And just in case we don't have enough vintage French ribbon, how about these lovely stripes and spots, in widths up to around 15cm wide, toooo much!

So much shopping for vintage haberdashery can wear a girl out, just as well we had a day on the beach at Ipanema .....

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  1. When the sun comes out and the days get longer I am coming to visit your shop. I will be the one drooling.