Friday, August 30, 2013

Beautiful things we would like to share.....

So many beautiful things to share with you today! 
Our gorgeous 'big sister' Etui, delicious Valdani hand dyed silk threads, lovely Judie Rothermels' vintage reproduction Dressing Gown range of fabrics and of course our own l'uccello collect jewellery range.

We are excited to bring you our new 'big sister' Etui, large enough for all your favourite sewing items. The lid features a piece of 19th C French fabric, French General and other lovely bits and pieces. Inside you will find it filled with a collection of gorgeous sewing accoutrements, very limited edition.....

 Delicious Valdani hand dyed silk threads have arrived,
perfect for embellished quilts, embroidery or fine crochet,
such an array of gorgeous hand colours
available in-store and online. 

 A lovely selection of Judie Rothermel’s vintage reproduction 
Dressing Gown range has arrived just
perfect for your patchwork

One of the special neckpieces made by Vikki Kassioras,
this work has a beautiful yellow vintage splatter bead as its focal point, 20th C carved agate butterflies and victorian black  glass facetted beads. Truly unique.  

Chris Massey's neckpiece features a vintage button 
and charms all on handmade  twisted cord.
Another unique treasure.

We had a great night at open studios last night and 
we are looking forward to another tonight.
Come visit!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Introducing l'uccello collect

Finally we can let you in on a little secret......l'uccello's Kim Hurley has been passionately collecting vintage trims, charms, beads and collectables for some time. 
Now, in collaboration with two contemporary jewellers 
Vikki Kassioras and Chris Massey this wonderful collection has been transformed into unique works of wearable art.

In the future we hope to add more pieces to the exclusive 
l'uccello collect label and collaborate with other artists whose work we love.

l'uccello collect
 will be launched during this years 
OPEN STUDIOS Nicholas Building event
this thursday 29th August
and friday 30th August
4-9pm both nights.  

neckpieces by Vikki Kassioras for l'uccello collect

jewellery by Chris Massey for l'uccello collect

Monday, August 19, 2013

OPEN STUDIOS Nicholas Building 2013

Once again here at L'uccello we are looking forward to taking part in this years OPEN STUDIOS. 
We would love you to come at visit us during this unique annual  twilight event that will be held on 
Thursday 29th and Friday 30th of August 
from 4-9pm on both nights 
And this year we have two lovely brand new lifts making it easier getting up and down the building. 
This annual event showcases some of the wonderful spaces, artists, specialty retailers and galleries within our wonderful Nicholas Building.

What Mary Made - 1920s inspired headband tutorial

There’s a new craze in town and everyone is going wild for the Roaring Twenties! In celebration of the new Great Gatsby movie, here’s L’uccello’s tutorial on how to make your very own 1920’s flapper headband.

You will need:

•Stretch velvet ribbon (enough to wrap snugly around your head with a little extra, $6.75 per metre at L’uccello)
•A feather (small ostrich feathers $3.50 each at L’uccello or an egret feather $7.95 at L'uccello)
•A decorative embellishment – this could be a piece of decorative lace, a vintage button or some sequins!
•A needle and thread (or you could use a hot glue gun instead)

Step 1:
Wrap the stretch velvet around head and trim to a comfortable length. It should be stretched, but not too tight – remember to leave approx. 4cm for an overlap.

Step 2: 
Trim feather to desired length and hide it’s end in the overlap of the two ends of stretch velvet. Sew or glue the two ends together, making sure to secure the feather in place.

Step 3: 
Sew or glue a decorative embellishment over the join, making sure to hide the ends of the velvet.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to hit the town with your fabulous 1920s inspired headband!

Psst! I heard there’s going to be a wild party at Gatsby’s tonight - you should come along! Don’t forget those dancing shoes!