Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sophie Digard brightens up our day.

It’s a bit of a gloomy rainy day in Melbourne 

but with the unpacking of the latest batch of Sophie Digard Bags 

things have brightened up…………..

We love the design sensibility that Sophie Digard infuses into her beautiful hand crafted works and there were many oohs and ahhs over this leather handled tote bag as it was being photographed. Since writing and posting this bag has been snapped up and we are excitedly expecting more of these totes in different colours. 
Also unpacked were a couple of totes hand made from waxed linen thread with little round enameled mother of pearl and crochet embellishments, en masse creating a wonderful textural visual feast. 

 And our last Digard treat today is a handbag in a beautiful patchworkesque style. I love how the flowers contrast with their backgrounds while subtly adding texture.

And just as I finish writing this post the sky has changed from grey to blue and there are even some rays of sun peaking through the clouds. Thank you Sophie Digard for brightening up our day a little earlier than the Melbourne weather!

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  1. One day I hope to own a Sophie Digard original! Her things are so special!