Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just in time Sophie Digard delivery

At last our final pieces of Sophie Digard have arrived and they are absolutely delightful. As always I have had trouble capturing their beautiful colours, but these images should however be a good catalogue of the pieces of the Summer range of Sophie Digard at l'uccello.
These exquisite hand made accessories disappear quickly, if you see something you like contact us at the shop or via email before they get snapped up.

we will be open 10 am to 6pm until Friday the 23rd of December
we are closed from Christmas Eve until the 2nd of January.

No. 1
Patchwork of crochet, smocking and embroidery in linen, medium size

No 2
Crochet wool, small handbag

No 3
Crochet wool medium handbag

detail of above

No 4
crochet wool small handbag

No. 5
Crochet, linen and velvet small handbag

No 6
crochet wool small scarf

No 7
wool crochet scarf, large

No 8
wool crochet scarf, large

No 9
rose embroidered linen wrap/large scarf

No 10
Grey,slight tinge of mauve wrap/large scarf

No 11
Fuchsia linen wrap/scarf

Aqua linen wrap/large scarf

No 13
crochet linen small scarf

No 14
crochet wool small scarf

No 15
crochet linen scarf, small

No 16
crochet wool scarf, small

No 17
embroidered linen scarf small

No. 18
embroidered and applique linen scarf, small

PS this is our 100th blog post,  check out next post there may be a little last minute give away to celebrate. x

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Special delivery

Well it has been a while, we have been flat out with Marche Rouge, Christmas orders, preparing for the relocation of our production room to the 4th floor and the set up of our new class room.

We have a number of exciting news flashes, first is the long awaited resolution of our front door problems. Yes folks, the door is now open!!!! The electro magnetic gadget has been installed so you will no longer have to heave open the great steel door to enter l'uccello. To be honest I am not sure how little l'uccello survived for 12 months that it has been closed, so many people assumed we were closed or were not comfortable to come in. Such an impediment in the first 6 months of a business, already in an obscure location, during a difficult time in retail was no small obstacle. We would never have survived without the loyal support from our regular customers and new visitors brave enough to come through the door, thank you all so much. I must also thank all those who have blogged l'uccello, it really is such a great help in spreading the word, a special word of thanks to Miss Pen Pen for her words of crafty wisdom and encouragement. 

The next news flash is the devine Ms Bobby La, otherwise known a Robyne Melia, after two years of wooing has accepted our proposal, to share some of her extraordinary wisdom in a very limited number of classes in the new year. Check out her blog in my list on the right, and you will see why we are so excited.

Finally as well as proudly stocking the beautiful Kleins Perfumery in Fitzroy, Muse Beauty Boutique in Canberra, The Crafty Squirrel in Ballarat and Maison sur Mer in Western Australia with our scented and crafty products, we have just completed our first order for the National Gallery of Australia. So if you go to see the Italian Renaissance Exhibition that has just opened you should be able to find the gift store by the scent of our pillows and sachets.

As if that is not enough we have just had boxes vintage and antique haberdashery arrive, the packaging is classic Frenchy fabulousness with a good dose of Belgian as well. So here is the eye candy, I will update Sophie Digard arrivals by the end of the week, we have another delivery in transit as we have sold out of many pieces. And I will do a quick last minute Christmas gift ideas list and our Christmas holiday dates shortly too.

French Galalithe buttons

Unusual French glass buttons

French cotton seam binding tape, 5 metre rolls, lovely to use as ribbon

Superb ombre wired ribbon

Exceptional French passementerie

Beautiful antique lace

A very rare find, a box of linen thread on original thread winder cards, divine!

Lovely complete cards of large press snaps

 Old packets of hemp string with great labels

This is why I love collecting vintage haberdashery, how good are these labels?!

and this one

Boxes of vintage DMC pearl and stranded thread in original boxes

Vintage furnishing trims

Great find! Old rolls of wall paper trim, perfect for my paper dresses

This beauty is going stright into the l'uccello collection, extraordinary metallic embroidery on black tulle in PERFECT condition, it would have to be around 100 years old, amazing.

Hope you are not all too frantic preparing for the end of the year, time seems to compress in the last couple of weeks before Christmas, thanks for finding the time to stop by. x

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy days

Today was one of those crazy days, crazy good actually. First off Mum and Dad turned up with a new sewing machine, just in time for a new order we are busy sewing for the National Gallery of Australia, (exciting news from last week.) Then after much patience, hoping and dreaming Robert the electrician turned up to mark out the installation of the gadget required to get the big old steel door open that covers our front door, (really truly can't believe it may actually happen, just waiting for the gadget to arrive) then two minutes later 2/3 of our much awaited Sophie Digard order arrived. Too much happiness! We are still tiding away the remnants of yesterdays hen's party, yes l'uccello does cater for crafty hens parties etc. We are all set up to sign on the dotted line for great new digs for a class room and production room upstairs so stay tuned for a class time table soon. As we are moving we are having a GARAGE SALE this Friday, 10 - 4pm every thing must go (so that we can fit into our new rooms), the shop of course will stay where it is on the second floor. So we are working like crazy elves getting ready for Marche Rouge next week and now it really does seem like the season to be jolly.
AND I finally managed to get all the prizes from the competition packed and off to the post office today so if you won a prize it is on it's way, thank you so much to everyone for your lovely thoughts and support.

 X marks the spot, could the door finally be about to open? This is actual electricians tape, I know it's not much but it is the closest thing to a start in almost a year so very exciting, open sesame.

Sophie Digard and Artiga too much lovely Frenchiness

What's better than a new Sophie Digard necklace? A Sophie Digard necklace and Lacroix stationary, of course sweetie!

I will post more detailed photos of Sophie delivery tomorrow night, it is 3 am and the only thing keeping me awake is some wicked chocolate cake left over from the hen's party. We have lots of new antique threads perfect for gold work embroidery and a few vintage millinery trims with more on the way, will blog them as soon as they arrive.

Have a fabulous week and just give us call if you are interested in any of the Sophie Digard pieces, but as always don't wait too long, we only have one of most of them. Thanks x