Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just in time Sophie Digard delivery

At last our final pieces of Sophie Digard have arrived and they are absolutely delightful. As always I have had trouble capturing their beautiful colours, but these images should however be a good catalogue of the pieces of the Summer range of Sophie Digard at l'uccello.
These exquisite hand made accessories disappear quickly, if you see something you like contact us at the shop or via email before they get snapped up.

we will be open 10 am to 6pm until Friday the 23rd of December
we are closed from Christmas Eve until the 2nd of January.

No. 1
Patchwork of crochet, smocking and embroidery in linen, medium size

No 2
Crochet wool, small handbag

No 3
Crochet wool medium handbag

detail of above

No 4
crochet wool small handbag

No. 5
Crochet, linen and velvet small handbag

No 6
crochet wool small scarf

No 7
wool crochet scarf, large

No 8
wool crochet scarf, large

No 9
rose embroidered linen wrap/large scarf

No 10
Grey,slight tinge of mauve wrap/large scarf

No 11
Fuchsia linen wrap/scarf

Aqua linen wrap/large scarf

No 13
crochet linen small scarf

No 14
crochet wool small scarf

No 15
crochet linen scarf, small

No 16
crochet wool scarf, small

No 17
embroidered linen scarf small

No. 18
embroidered and applique linen scarf, small

PS this is our 100th blog post,  check out next post there may be a little last minute give away to celebrate. x


  1. In my dreams, I will own one of these one day! Beautiful!

  2. They all look so beautiful. My favourite is number 13!

  3. What a fabulous collection, I love Sophie's work.

  4. I have never before seen such beautiful crochet work, outstanding!