Sunday, July 4, 2010

Favourite things - part one

This old Union Jack is from the 1920s, probably a vice regal visit, it originally had sticks on the side for waving in the crowd. We love it for it's faded and slightly shabby appearance and most of all for it's message. We have put it at the top of the list to say WELCOME to all of our new followers and readers, thank you for visiting l'uccello.

We loooove vintage haberdashery still wrapped in it's original packaging, and the artwork/fonts that they used for the labels. These are packets of black cotton (it's the ones we use for the Vintage Sewing Collections) are from the 1930/40s, probably surplus from the war when everyone had to have blackout curtains.

Some favourites from our vintage textiles collection, Chinese, Spanish and Thai embroideries.

We are crazy about these colours at the moment, soft antique pinks, peach, ecru and raw linen, beautiful French blues and navy, oyster grey, deep and luxurious burgundy and tarnished golds and warm silver.

Carnations!! They are the official flower of l'uccello, we love their fluffy ruffles and their colours, their stems are such a lovely shade of blue/green/grey. We know a lot of people have bad memories of florists years ago with nothing but carnations with gypsophilia, but it's time to move on.
We love their perfume too, especially Fiori di Capri by Carthusia and Carnation by Comme des Garcons, check out Kleins Perfumery for more info.  

Merry-go-rounds, carousels, such lovely romantic and whimsical imagery, they seem so sweet and melancholy at the same time, especially this empty one, mid winter in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris.

This is a 3 in 1 favourite, travelling in general, train travelling in particular and arriving in Venice after a spectacular journey through the snow covered Austrian Alps, magic!

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