Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Was it Monday already?

I can't believe today is over and I didn't really get anything done, was it Monday already? When I say anything, I actually mean anything boring like bookwork, tidying up the store room or ringing around for quotes for the silk organza that I need. All these things need to be done pronto but I skillfully avoided doing any of them. Instead I did a little rearrange of some stock, took pictures of some of our braid collection and new stock, and spent at least an hour looking through my neighbour's new copy of the fabulous Pirelli Calenders by Thames and Hudson. 

Fab 60s, 70s and 80s trim

 More fab 60s, 70s and 80s trim

Some of these are older, 50s and 60s

We loooove these vintage Italian cotton flowers

New extra wide vintage moire ribbon, guipure lace motifs, silk milliners fur, extra wide broderie anglaise and lovely vintage pink silk for our new lingerie bags.

Basket of yarns (flea market find), I bought them for display. I think they may have been for carpet manufacturing and are too scratchy to use, but the colours were so great I couldn't resist.

I really loved this series of photos from the 70s very grainy and diffused, the colors and the styling are beautiful. It's a great book, if you want to find it try Borders/Thames and Hudson.

Tomorrow I will do my other jobs, promise.

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