Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something in the air

Our fortune telling dolls house is always right, this week has been no exception. It has been a week of surprises and happy arrivals and crazy communications. All our phone calls have been coming at once, so phones are ringing and beeping call waiting and making other odd sounds announcing messages, my mobile keeps dropping out, text messages are going missing, there is definitely something odd in the air. It must be a national phenomenon, there seems to have been a few surprises and a lot of phone calls happening in Canberra too.

The surprises this week included the miraculous flow of water through the tap in our sink, previously we had to prevail upon our lovely neighbours to fill the kettle. Plumbing, much like phone cables and various other utilities are a little mysterious in our building, they do not necessarily follow the laws of logic, however we are blessed with wonderful tradeys who always seem to sort it out. The other big surprise is an unexpected business trip to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, unbelievable! I've never been and am soooo excited, I am already working out if I will have time for a little haberdashery hunting.

The happy arrivals have been a lovely work experience student for the week, a very talented young woman who has been a great help making patterns for fabric birds, helping me haul trolleys of vintage haberdashery on and off trains and making endless l'uccello swap card business cards (really must get those stickers printed, it's getting a bit boring gluing our details to the back of all those cute swappies

Of course the other happy arrivals have been loads of more gorgeous stock, including a stunning new collection of vintage ribbons, balls of lovely green hemp yarn, reels and large cones of mercerised cotton and linen thread in great shades of green and khaki, beautiful guipure lace, Swiss woven straw millinery trim, gold soutache, vintage buttons, vintage fabrics and fab Italian cotton flowers with guipure stamens.

Quite a week don't you think?

Fabulous French vintage ribbons, beautiful moires, picot, stripes and plaids, some of these beauties are well over 10cm wide and all are in lovely unused vintage condition

Lovely vintage casein buttons on their original cards

How cute is this original cards of carved mother of pearl buttons!

My favourite vintage fabric at the moment

This one is to help warm you up


So many pretty colours

The view from the counter looking through the glass top, how lovely.

you can check out their details through the link at the top of our blog, it's on until Saturday


  1. rio! how exotic!
    green with envy and purple with jealousy by this weeks fabulous haul!

  2. So glad I discovered your blog this afternoon - will definitely have to make a trip to your studio! Just beautiful!