Saturday, June 5, 2010

My treat

It's been a pretty average week, I won't bore you with the details- let's just say always measure twice, cut once and don't try to do more than 2 things at once, it will always end in tears. All of that however gave me the perfect excuse for a treat or 3.

A huge bunch of the prettiest pink roses from Vasette

A gorgeous new candle from Kleins Perfumery.
Tocca candles are one of my favourites, this one is casablanca lily, the studio smells divine!

A new copy of Selvedge, what more could you want?

Well a few more fabrics for my collection, this is my palate for a new project I'm about to start

If that's not enough to cheer a girl up more fab stock arrived yesterday.

Exquisite silk and velvet flowers, so romantic

Beautiful oak bobbins wound with silk fibres in gorgeous colours, the edges of the bobbins are wrapped in copper

Perfect for the season, vintage wooden buttons

Brilliant buckles in casein, celluloid, diamante and bakelite

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  1. Kim, I hope the consolations of the week are many and that you find joy and cosiness in your bounty, cheers, Serena