Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Favourite things Part 3

Favourite words - languid   redolent   vermilion
 I like the way they sound, I like saying them and I love the imagery they invoke.

Love love love toile de jouy

Favourite music- Bach Suites for cello, if I could only have one piece of music it would be this one. Other favourites are almost anything by Miles Davis, but especially Sketches of Spain, and my other staple is Gotan Project.  

Loooove 18th century decorative arts, this little crochet bag is exquisite, the photo doesn't do it justice. It is from an 18th century chatelaine, it has rows of the tiniest glass beads and the bars and ring are in lovely filigree gold

Favourite films- The Women (the 30's version, don't even mention the remake), Dangerous Liasons, Marie Antoinette, The Leopard, Cat on a Hot tin Roof, Irma la Deuce and anything by Jacques Tati.

A friend of mine bought this beautiful fabric from a very old manufacturer in Venice, it was made for Marie Antoinette.

How cute are these little cards, they are from the 1880s and are trade cards for Barbour's Linen Threads. The two on the right have moving heads and are part of a series of twelve, I wonder if I will manage to find the rest.

I have to include the Janome, even if it is a bit of a love/ hate relationship, the fact is I don't like sewing. This machine is such a work horse, it is 30 years old and still going strong, I don't know how many little pillows, sachets and heat pillows we've made on this poor old thing, but still she just goes and goes. The kittens are there to try to stop me from getting cranky, how can you be cranky with something so cute looking at you?

If you love 18th century decorative art then the Hofburg Palace in Vienna is heaven, the Meissen porcelain room alone is enough to make you swoon.

Sneak peek at my current project all shall be revealed shortly

What are your favourite things?

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  1. Ooh how intriguing! Those buttons sewn all over, combined with the lace, are making me swoon.