Friday, February 4, 2011

Love is in the air....

Valentines Day is not far away and I have been working like mad to get these giant love heart lollies ready for Kleins Perfumery's window display to celebrate the occasion. We made replicas of the old sherbet lollies and the packets they came in. All the lettering is cut out of card board, the big packets ended up nearly 6 ft tall. 

Kleins is at 313 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, if you haven't been you should visit them next time you are in the neighbourhood. It is a beautiful store full of delightful scented treats, if you can't visit in person their website is brilliant

Speaking of love, this gorgeous little etui arrived today,

It has a silver thimble and a tiny spool of silk inside.

We also received these gorgeous sewing tools, the little carved bone needle keep is from the 1890s and the mother of pearl cotton reel cover and thread winder are from the mid 1800s. It's so amazing that such delicate little things have survived in such great condition for so long.

We are soooo in love with these hand dyed, woven wool felts, they just arrived today and we are already planning a few new projects. The colours are just delicious, and the various textures and patterns make them irristable.

They come in these great little bundles too.

I'm thinking of doing some stitching with these lovely hand dyed threads by Valdani on the new felts, the colours seem just made for each other.

Our other big delivery this week was a great big box of precut 1/2 metre lengths from Yuwa, including lots of designs by Judy Wallace. This is my stash, I just couldn't help myself, I really must get on with my existing quilt so I can start on some others, so much stash, so little time.

Have a fabulous weekend! x 

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  1. they look amazing kim!! kleins must have been very pleased.those felts are incredible.i think lucello is going to boom in 2011!!