Friday, January 28, 2011

Afternoon delight

Usually we only get the morning sun in the salon, but during the summer months the multistory office buildings up Flinders Lane reflect the late afternoon sun back through our windows. It is such a lovely time of day, the light mostly reflects on the upper walls and moves in drifts, with rainbows here and there from the bevelled crystal windows in the old doors. The sunlight falls in fragments through the stained glass panels, illuminating one object and leaving another in shade.
We have so many new things arriving this week, I thought I should photograph them in this lovely dappled light, a little afternoon delight.
Lovely boxes of antique French thread in their original boxes, they even have their delicate printed glassine paper intact.

We also received a lovely new stack of mangle cloths, in a great range of linen colours.

A very exciting delivery, unused antique French sack cloth, very rustic with lovely burgundy and wedgewood blue stripes.

Gorgeous new Moda 1930s reproduction prints.

Too cute! the new French General range Petit Ecole, again from Moda.

Pretty flowers on the counter.

Our new Liberty and linen hearts, they are made with Liberty fabrics and antique french linen and filled with lavender or spicy orange.

The most divine bed linen ever! Made in Portugal in the softest linen and available in a beautiful range of colours.

More great treats from Sajou, just the thing for a little fancy work.

Sajou is the reinvention of an old French company and they supply a sensational range of needlework accessories including these gorgeous cards of needles. The little balls of vintage linen thread on the right are original, by the same company featured on the reproduction cards.

The top row are little thread winder cards, great for keeping stranded cotton stored on so it doesn't get all tangled up. The cards on the bottom are cards of linen thread from the 1940s.

Finally a big thank you to our lovely friends who leave comments, we so appreciate you taking the time and hope you don't mind that we don't always have time to answer them all individually. In answer to Kapinny's question about the paper dispenser at Harveys, yes I found out today we will soon be the proud custodians of it also. Mr Harvey is planning to trade for a short time from the room opposite their current shop to sell more of his remaining stock, he will open three days a week, I'll check the details and post them next week. Have a great weekend x

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  1. I'm so glad about the paper dispenser. It seems to me that it will be in the right hands. Give my best wishes to Mr Harvey and his staff.