Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bright and shiney and new...

Well Happy New Year lovely people, it's the first week of 2011 and it is amazing how the beginning of the year feels so bright and shiny and new. Although I have to say my resolutions are already out the window, that would be: not being late, not staying at work too late, not staying up too late there is definitely a theme here.
We have been busy little birds cleaning and painting and rearranging l'uccello, everything is starting to look refreshed and order is being restored.

The little desk that houses our vintage stamen collection has had a quick make over in palest antique pink, it's called China Doll, the stamens look so much more vibrant.

I still have the other half to finish tomorrow, but this side of the studio area is looking a treat, it makes me want to get started on our new projects, amazing what tiding up your workspace can do. I am so loving the cosmos, such brief but exuberant prettiness.

The centre table is loaded up with baskets full of lovely new fat quarters, fabric cigars (16ths) and charm squares. How divine are the delphiniums! I have mixed them with snap dragons, carnations and this gorgeous vibrant lime green foliage, they look so English summer garden.

These are some of the new fabrics, lots of Judy Rothermel civil war reproductions, new French General and Moda's new range based on William Morris designs.

This sweet little lady is an early 20th century french pin cushion doll, originally she would have been attached to a pin cushion that would have been concealed by a skirt.

Possibly the most divine antique sewing collectible that we have ever had, this delicate little silk covered shoe is circa 1820 and is most likely French or English, the silver thimble it contains is hallmarked.

  The antique French quilt remnant I have used under the shoe is also too beautiful, circa 1880.



  1. Happy New Year Kim.I get very excited when you have posted a new blog.Just to get a glimpse of what divine things you have in store.Looking forward to popping in again soon.As for New Years Resolutions,I gave upon them many years ago!

  2. So sweet! that little shoe thimble-holder/pincushion.

    And I LOVE your workspace. How inspiring to sit down to that!