Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at our house

So another Christmas has been celebrated and it seems everyone has suddenly realised how tired they are. It's always such a race towards the end of the year thank goodness for Boxing day and left overs in the fridge. We have all been laying low with a nasty cold that I so kindly shared with everyone, so I haven't ventured much further than the couch, sleep sleep sleep, heaven!
As promised I have a couple of snaps of our Christmas table, while I was at it I took a few others around the house.

Roses from my sister's garden
My favourite baubles stay out all year round, I can't bare to put them away.

I must shamefully admit our tree is still up from last year....

I love it so much I may just leave it up permanently.

Christmas seems to have infiltrated every nook around here.

This is my favourite icon

 Post Christmas reading list

I'm watching..

I'm listening to...

and eating.......

Hope you are relaxing too.


  1. love pics of peoples dinner tables. bet it didn't look like that after the meal!

  2. I so miss Christmas at your house, lovely lady. Glad to see Father Christmas didn't skimp on the chocolates. XX

  3. Thanks Kapinny, we miss you too! xx

  4. Thank you and welcome fabriquefantastique, the table certainly looked a bit different, a fun time was had by all, best wishes K