Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's new at l'uccello....

So many new things have just arrived this post will have to be mostly pictures. It has been a great week so far with the completion of all the samples for our new seasons range of heat pillows, eye rest pillows and scented sachets and pillows. I haven't quite finished all the labeling and photos so we will post images later in the week. It is always very satisfying to see a new range after a long period of development, even more so to see them being carried off home by customers ready to provide comfort and relaxation.
We have had quite a few visitors lately who are readers of this blog, it's lovely to see who is at the other end of the line so to speak, and it is amazing how extensive the blogging community has become. So our thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit l'uccello either in person or via the blog, it's great to share a love of beautiful things with you.
On with the pictures, apologies I went a bit mad and there are quite a few.....

These fabulous boxes of antique French linen thread arrived today

The only problem is they are totally complete and so gorgeous I don't think I can bring myself to break them up to sell, so I think they will have to become part of the l'uccello collection.

Even the ends of the boxes are great, I love these old fonts. These threads date from the 1940s and are in perfect condition, it's quite amazing.

Fortuneately this packet isn't quite so lovely so I will be able to part with these beautifully packaged linen threads, great for collectors.

New stock of lovely casein and bakelite vintage buttons, mostly 1940/50s.

We placed our autumn/winter order for the divine Sophie Degard accessories this week, we have a few new pieces in store including this exquisite scarf. Great news, due to the strength of the Australian dollar the price has come down yayyyy!

We have a few pieces of these lovely old original sack cloths, they date from the 1940s. they are in very limited supply so if you are interested please ring or visit the store as soon as you can.

If you love this style of fabric then you will love this pattern book, lovely fresh designs that suit these vibrant patterns perfectly, in stock now.

They fun reproductions are also new arrivals, I'm mad for these perky 30s and 40s prints at the moment. Our next batch of bunting might have to include some of these.

If that's not your style you might love our new collection of mid weight French furnishing fabrics, great for cushions or light upholstery projects.

And finally!!! some lovely vintage polished cotton.

Have a great week x


  1. nothing wrong with tons of photos...specially if they are like these.

  2. It can be a real struggle between wanting to use beautiful things like that and wanting to keep them intact, isn't it? I think that's why my stash is so large. I look through everything to find the right item for a planned project, and somehow the project never seems to quite justify using this or that special treasure. I'm trying to train myself to let go and actually use what I have ...