Saturday, October 30, 2010

snAPP happy

You would be correct to assume that I should be frantically working away on Christmas window displays, filling new wholesale orders and making stacks of lovely treats for our Christmas market in a few weeks. Clearly however that assumption would be wrong, instead I have been trying out the iPhone app recommended to me by Miss Pen Pen. I must confess I have been more than a little snAPP happy, snapping everything in sight. I love the grainy, moody, colours not quite right look of these snaps, and we have so much divine new stock to snap I got a little carried away. 
These two hat boxes are FULL of vintage Swiss and Italian millinery braids, so many colours and textures, divine! All in perfect vintage condition. We also received rolls and rolls of silk grosgrain in lovely shades of olive, slate grey, eau de nil, navy and chocolate, elegant colours perfect for menswear and hats.

This beautiful trim is so chic, a very narrow ribbon threaded with a fine line of white straw.

l'uccello looooooves poodles especially insane 1950s porcelain ones like this one

Our new absolute favourite book arrived this week, Cafe Society, filled with the most glamorous, most extravagant people, fabulous photos.

Lovely balls of vintage French hemp thread, don't they look lovely in the cabinet with our other specialty threads?!

Yayyyy we received our copies of the new Meet me at Mikes book, lots of great projects, can't wait to try a few of them out.

Gratuitous ribbon cabinet shot, we're not sure how we will fit all of the new delivery in, we desperately need some bigger display cabinets, maybe after Christmas.

Gorgeous French silk bobbins with Bakelite ends

Vintage stamens

Fabulous new stock of vintage french linen thread cards Mephisto and Solar, in perfect unused condition.

Snap snap snap

The shop looks quite bountiful at the moment, it's always great to arrive in the morning.

Not happy to snap everything in our shop, I had to have a go next door at Harold and Maud, a new shop full of wonderful brocante, handmade and up cycled treasures 

The blue fairy wishes you a fabulous week xx


  1. The pics are gorgeous! How do you possible fit everything into the shop! Can't wait to see the "Meet me at Mikes" new book!

  2. Oooh am so excited, making my first visit to l'uccello this weekend!

  3. I have just discovered yet another reason to wish I lived in Melbourne! Beautiful stuff, beautiful store....I can't WAIT for your online shop!

  4. Thanks for such lovely comments! Getting our online shop up is top of the list when we get through our first Christmas, in the meantime please feel free to email or ring the shop with enquiries about prices etc, we do offer mail order.
    Have a great weekend, Kim.

  5. do so wish I lived in Melbourne, think I would be in your shop every day. Bet wishes, Cas