Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's so new season

Its' all about the new season this week, day light savings, packing away winter woollies, wearing sandals on the first sunny day. Soup and risotto are off the menu this week and I made my first salad in a while the other night. Tonight on the way home it poured down buckets with lightning and thunder, more like a summer storm than a wintery downpour.

  And so it goes at l'uccello, the sale has been great, lots of fabric samples and remnants have been snapped up, lots of cute vintage buttons, lace and balls of wool have been carried off. I have packed away our crochet trees until next winter and have been moving everything around to accommodate all the new stock that is arriving.

Max made this from the pattern in the French General book Home Sewn and I filled it with some of my collection, such a great way to display your favourite things.

This gorgeous book full of great projects is now back in stock.

Also recently arrived are some of Moda's French General Lumiere range, we have started production for Christmas with these beautiful patterns.

So many new vintage bobbins, these are from silk manufacturing, they are made from wood and bakelite and the colours are gorgeous!

These antique cotton reels are wound with 3m of vintage ric rac.

More vintage French bobbins

These vintage wooden bobbins are wound with 10m of vintage trim

More lovely vintage French linen and this beautiful series of books with lots of projects, perfect for the classic French country look with a contemporary feel. We also have new stock of antique Scottish linen thread, great for hand quilting, book binding etc.

It's all looking a bit French at the moment, lovely pure olive oil soaps, lavender linen water and some great books on creating classic French style.

Just so the English get a look in we have a great range of Cath Kidston books and stationery, including these cute stickers, very handy for labelling all that strawberry jam I'm planning to make for Christmas presents.

Divine vintage French children's books, they are new and around 60 years old in mint condition.

Finally we have these super vintage baskets from Les Halles market in Paris, perfect for displaying stash!

We have lots of new buttons, buckles, beads, threads, stamens, and ephemera due to arrive shortly, we will post updates as soon as they arrive, have a great week.


  1. That's a gorgeous wall hanging. You have an unbelievable range of lovely things!

  2. hello kim,
    i was wondering if you happened to know of a good book for pics of hats that used taxidermy birds on them from the mid to late 1800's.

  3. Everything looks wonderful, love reading your postings., Cassie

  4. Hi Rachael, I've been trying to remember where I have seen pictures of these hats, I'll let you know as soon as I do. Hi to Cassie and Michelle thanks for your lovely messages, best regards to all Kim.

  5. Hi..I read that you may have crochet patterns for this accurate..your things are beautiful

    1. Hi Tina, We dont have crochet patterns for sale but we do carry a great magazine called pom pom that have great knitting and crochet patterns. Hope this helps. l'uccello