Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Haberdashery

Who knew press snaps could be so hot?! The Mad Men were having a good day when they came up with this packaging idea, what a great way to market these clever new devices, so much quicker than buttons! Old packaging is so great, when was the last time you were buying modern haberdashery and you thought wow this packaging is just too beautiful to use?  Like never...

I was so distracted by all the new loveliness I forgot to charge the camera, so these are my first iPhone photos, hope they are OK.

We have had so much lovely stock, especially millinery arrive this week we don't know where to put it all. This is the main millinery area, we have lots of beautiful new plumes and stamens.

 Luckily we have been able to source more lovely antique hat trimmings, including these fabulous  flowers, curly spikes, bouquets and horse hair "feathers" all made in Paris. We also have a small collection of bunches of fruit.

We are so excited by the mountains of new vintage stamens that have come in, so many beautiful colours, and interesting shapes and textures. We also found lots of pearl stamens, berries and little fruits. I forgot to take a picture, we have new vintage Swiss braid too.

We are finally back in stock of these lovely little chaps and miniature hummingbirds too.

Just in time to compliment last weeks new stash of bobbins, we have new vintage Kokeshi, lots of gorgeous new girls, I think I have a new favourite.......

How gorgeous is she?!

Did I mention our fabulous new haul of vintage buttons form France, luscious colours and interesting shapes and textures.

Finally a sneak preview of some of the goodies that have started to arrive in preparation for Christmas, too sweet.


  1. Suich beautiful lovelies, can't see myself getting up to admire the beauties for a week or two . Getting old is no fun it seems that all your bones have the degenerative tag.When they settle down I ill be up.

  2. oh my heart....i love your blogworld...

  3. Yet more gorgeous arrangements! Fantastic stuff!