Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too girlie?

Just in case our blog has been getting too girlie, (just for the record we don't think that is actually possible) we thought we should feature some manly haberdashery. New arrivals are these fabulous vintage Indian measuring tapes and vintage French press snaps.

How great are the boxes the measuring tapes came in?! He's got some sort of big game hunter/tailor look going on, love the leopard skin.

It might take more than a few press snaps to keep his fur on, sheets of vintage French press snaps in mint condition


Speaking of sport, astonishingly I ended up at the footy on Friday night, the ground looked marvelous, almost kelly green.

Please note the lovely red felt cloche in the centre of the photo, it proves that fine taste in millinery and a love of football are not mutually exclusive

The match by the way was between Geelong and Collingwood, the last time I went to a Geelong match was in 1978 at Kadinia Park, standing on the dirt terraces with my grandfather. I have to say the members at the MCG is certainly more comfortable, but it doesn't have the same atmosphere, it's in colour and 1978 is in black and white. Sometimes I prefer black and white.

Almost a haberdashery moment, do streamers count as ribbons?

Go Cats!!

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