Thursday, May 13, 2010

Haberdashery Heaven

Sourcing vintage haberdashery is not for the faint hearted, there are far reaching outer suburbs to be traversed, dusty warehouses to be explored, tragic finds of poorly stored, once beautiful merchandise well past any sort of rescue. The ultimate find is new old stock in pristine condition, in it's original packaging. There is always something special about opening a packet of stock that has remained sealed from the day it was manufactured, decades ago. This week we have had some lovely new stock arrive, particularly vintage millinery supplies. Glorious pearly stamens, a large range of soft and blousey flowers, violets, rosebuds, carnations, lily of the valley, margarite daisys and forget me nots, so romantic! We have also found some stunning passementerie trim in violet and black, very Madam du Barry.

In the studio we have been packing more Cutie Doll Kits, including the new evening Cutie with black lace to create the classic LBD. We have also started to develope our own range of bridal accessories, lovely gifts for brides or the bridal party, it seems there is a romantic theme this week. With so many exquisite vintage silk ribbons and French laces to choose from it is a lovely project to work on.

How gorgeous are these little beauties? 

Prettiest stamens, ribbons, rosebuds, garter and Venetian glass buttons.


Exceptional antique French silk jacquard ribbons, sweet posies of violets in various hues, cute little vintage birds and 1940s buttons and glossy bobbins of vintage mercerised DMC cotton in their original box.

French antique passementerie trim, tear drop shaped wooden beads wrapped in beautifully woven stripes of violet and black and each one is finished with a small black bead and a perfect knot of thread, a rare find.

More beautiful pearly stamens in buttery and creamy shades, lovely lemon 1940s buttons, antique French silk picot ribbon, late victorian jacquard ribbon with flowers and birds and sunny daffodils, in organdy and velvet from the late 1940s.

Vintage edelweiss ribbons, stamens in various interesting shapes and colours, cutest ever hat and flower buttons, beautiful velvet and satin leaves and Irish linen thread, great for various sewing projects.

We love putting these kits together, vintage lace, ribbons, beads and sequins, lovely.




  1. Hi! I just found your blog! I am an Aussie in Victoria too. My two main blogs are - crazyhaberdasher and spoolknitter - there are others but now I find I am having a hard time keeping up with them all ..... I am managing two spool knitting groups worldwide (Flickr and Yahoo), so they take up a lot of time.
    Love, love, love, what you have on your blog.
    (Noticed that some of your photos are not showing up - same thing is happening with my blogs).
    cheers, Maz