Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quick and cute felt garlands

A simple and easy project for children and adults alike.

You will need:

Assortment of felt balls (small 40c each, medium 60c each at L'uccello) OR

Felt flowers (small 25c each, medium 35c each, large 45c each at L’uccello) OR

Cotton pom-poms (35c each at L’uccello)

Skein of embroidery thread (1.00 at L’uccello)

Large darning needle (5.00 a packet at L’uccello)


Glue - optional


Step 1: measure approximately 2 metres of embroidery thread

Step 2: thread the felt piece or cotton pom-poms onto the thread at regular intervals

Step 3: secure each felt piece or cotton pom-pom to the thread with a small dob of glue and allow to dry

Step 4: hang your super-cute garland around a Christmas tree, bed-end or anywhere else you fancy and enjoy!

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