Monday, December 16, 2013

l'uccello open this Sunday

To help you all out in the lead up to christmas l'uccello will also be open this 
Sunday the 22nd of December 
from 12pm-5pm.

And just incase you need some gift inspiration this lovely Victorian inspired sewing Etui has
just been added to our online shop.

It features fabric from French General's 'Josephine' range and is topped with a hand made tassel. Inspired by a Victorian tradition our sewing etuis are hand made in Melbourne using a combination of artisinal couture, book binding and cartonage techniques. It is filled with a selection of contemporary and genuinly vintage haberdashery items and would make a lovely gift that would go on to become a family heirloom.


  1. Looks LOVELY! I would love to buy one please - but the link included in this post sends me to a page that says "Access denied" and "You don't have permission to view this product" So I then tried to click on your button on the right panel for your online shop and entered etui into the search items button, but again nothing. I looked in the sub-categories that I thought it might belong to, but again nothing.
    Perhaps it is sold out already?

    1. Hello Nessa,
      Thank you for your message! All of the l'uccello sewing boxs and etui have sold. We will be making more in the new year and will blog about them as soon as they are available. Have a wonderful christmas and new year.