Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sophie Digard Delivery

Our recent winter Sophie Digard delivery is possibly even more beautiful than we had imagined it might be. We placed our order months ago and since then the incredibly talented women who create Sophie Digard's wonderful designs have been busy crocheting and embroidering these little works of art. There are still a few pieces on the way, the gloves are due in another week or so, along with some other new designs. It is probably just as well as I don't think the cabinets at l'uccello can take much more.
We have had so much new stock arrive recently it is starting to take over, our new range of Presencia stranded embroidery floss for example, with 400 colours is not so much a display unit as a tower of thread, delicious colours in finest Egyptian cotton. We also received our order of velvet flowers, leaves and fruits that had been languishing in customs. In amongst it all we have had the lovely people from Channel Nine's Postcards show in to do a story about us, very exciting, but I have to admit I was a bit nervous, it should be on this Sunday. We have also finally gotten around to sending out our newsletter, hope you got one, if not let us know if you would like to be on the mailing list.
We have been taking endless photos for the online store, sometimes it seems there is no progress, until I have a look through them all, they are looking quite lovely. I can't wait to have all the descriptions done so we can start loading it all in and see it all come together.
The following photos are only part of our Sophie Digard collection, I will try to post more images soon. I will post lots of pictures in a few days of all the new threads, flowers, Tiny Owl knitting patterns and vintage buckles and buttons.

If you are looking for the class timetable, scroll down it is just below this post.

Have a great weekend x

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  1. hi kim,
    the shop looked amazing on postcards..congrats!!
    i have a question about ribbon storage..what is the ideal container to store ribbon in, plastic or paper..or is anything fine..