Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fancy work

Sometimes I get asked what our name means exactly.... l'uccello is Italian for bird, (if you want the full story use the search box and type in "about a bird.") The rest of our title, vintage haberdashery and fancy goods, also raises the odd query. In the past embroidery and needlework were often referred to as fancy work and the materials for this work, threads etc were called fancy goods. I have a collection of Victorian business cards from stores that sold items such as fancy goods and millinery supplies. With our range of vintage millinery & haberdashery, contemporary fabrics and embroidery supplies it seamed a perfect fit
The beautiful swallow featured above is by Robyne Melia, and it will be one of the motifs taught in her upcoming classes.

Our Internet connection is on the blink at the moment so I have to keep it brief this week, if anyone is waiting for me to reply to their email, apologies! To make things worse the shop phone has been on the blink and I got a new mobile this week, which may be great if I work out how to use it.

So many new deliveries at the moment and I have just been to old Sydney town ordering more, now I need more furniture to put all of this new stock on.

new vintage millinery divine!

fancy goods from Valdani, Sajou and Bohin

Gorgeous Sajou fancy goods

inspiring new books, French General pre cuts, and lovely antique pieces of fancy work  

I have been trying to get a Facebook page together but I haven't sorted out the link from the blog or vice versa, but it does exist. We are also working away at getting all the photos for the online store done, it really is on it's way. And finally I am also trying to get a Pinterest board together so keep an eye out for the icons in the next couple of weeks, so long as the new modem arrives soon.

If you read Homespun Magazine look out for our first ad, I think you will like him.
Have a super fabulous week x

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  1. Just love your shop, must come visit again one day very soon. Pinterest is addictive, look forward to seeing you there!