Sunday, July 17, 2011

A week at l'uccello

Has it been a week all ready? It amazes me how time can expand and contract so much, how sometimes it passes so slowly and then weeks like this it just flies.
A typical day at l'uccello usually involves a tram ride up St.Kilda Road, Wednesdays it is a trip to the flower shop, arriving every morning to the beautiful Cathedral Arcade and then working out a list of priorities for the day. This week has been all about restocking some of our own products, unpacking new stock and making props for new windows due next week at Kleins Perfumery and Kozminskys Jewellers.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our little completion and for the lovely thank you notes, you are all most welcome. There are a few people who have not claimed their runner up prizes, if you posted a comment before midnight on the 4th please let me know if you would like me to post your prize.

An important date to put in your diaries if you are in town on the 28th and 29th of July, it will be the famous annual Nicholas Building open studios event. Check out for all the details.

On a personal note I have just had the most miraculous visit from a dear friend who I thought I may have lost. But due to the miracles of modern medicine, my friends irrepressible courage and maybe some divine intervention she is back. Some moments in life are perfect and it doesn't get much sweeter than that.

New metallic braids just in

Most fabulous delivery of the week, by Mr Harvey himself no less, was the paper roll dispenser that we bought from  Harvey's, it is the same one that always sat on the counter we bought back in January. It now sits exactly where it always did and we are very proud to be the custodians of these wonderful pieces of Melbourne's haberdashery history, Harvey's have been a Melbourne institution since 1895, and our lovely counter and paper dispenser date back to that period.

We have been busy little birds making lovely piles of new l'uccello scented sachets and pillows, wedding charms and cosy heat pillows. The store is now scented in layers of lavender, rose, cloves and other fragrant spices.
We make everything ourselves, including the potpourri that we fill the sachets and pillows with, we print the fabric for the seed packet sachets and stitch them all together.

Filled sachets ready to sew shut.

We only use pure cotton or linen fabrics, mostly Moda designs and we top stitch our heat pillows with a lovely vintage mercerised thread that gives them a lovely finish. I have sourced our Lavender straight from a farm down Geelong way, it is so fresh and aromatic, just lovely.

A fresh batch of heat pillows

Scented pillows for Linen in lovely William Morris designs

Liberty and Linen Hearts, filled with lavender or spicey orange

We make our wedding charms with pure silk and antique French lace, they are finished with a variety of pretty motifs including Victorian ribbon, Czech diamantes and little love hearts. We present them in bags made with French seamed silk organza so the bride can keep them as an heirloom along with other mementos of the big day.

Delicate hand finishing

I hope you all had a great week and are having a relaxing Sunday afternoon x


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