Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vive Le Tour!!

Our much awaited delivery of beautiful French embroidery supplies from Sajou arrived today, just in time for the start of Le Tour. I have become quite a fan of Le Tour over the last few years, I love all the footage of the French countryside and the drama and excitement of such an extreme event.
But I love Sajou's products more, superbly manufactured in France and beautifully presented they are a joy to use and make lovely gifts. We have some new products this delivery including stranded cotton, tapestry wool and fine glass headed pins, along with our regular favourites.

Before I go on with pictures of the new Sajou, I must thank everyone who has sent such lovely comments for our competition. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and for such kind thoughts.
The 3 winners of our gift packs are Purly Wendy, Rachel Bee and Amanda (your comment worked after all!) Congratulations!

We loved every ones comments so much we have decided to give little runners up treats to everyone who posted a comment before midnight on the 4th of July.
So all you need to do to claim your prize is let us know if you would like to pick it up at the shop or post it to you. If you would like it posted please just email your address to info@luccello.com.au

Let us know what sort of things you like to make so we can pick a suitable gift for you.
 All prizes will be ready by Friday. Yayyyy!!

Finally back in stock, our favourite bicycle man thread winders and Eiffel Tower scissors.

Sajou source much of their packaging from old archived designs, their thread cards are the top row, the bottom row is original linen thread from the 1940s, we have both in stock.

New to l'uccello, Sajou stranded cotton thread in the most gorgeous colours.

Tapestry/embroidery wool from the famous old French company Laine St Pierre, beautiful quality and colours.

Gorgeous new sets of fine glass headed pins.

Manufactured in France, these lovely Eiffel tower scissors are a pleasure to use and so cute!

I'm off to watch the end of the race, I look forward to wrapping lots of pressies tomorrow,
thanks again to all x


  1. Yippee! I won! Thank you so much Kim. I will be in to collect my prize as soon as I get a chance, great excuse to visit the shop I would love to own!

  2. the shabby quiktJuly 7, 2011 at 12:22 AM

    Hi Kym
    I also love the tour de France but it's so naughty staying up so late just to see the lovely little villages and beautiful scenery of the country. I think I am a winner so I say thank you and also to Grace on behalf of Moda. It's a great excuse for me to come and say hello to you again.
    Take care

  3. I just found your shop and was totally smitten! It's a beautiful space and very inspiring.
    Thank-you for sending me to Arthur Dayleys for the florist tape, $2 later and I was well happy. I was going to ask if I could take photos for my blog but got too shy at the last minute

  4. Ps: How did I miss the Eiffel Tower scissors? Superb!

  5. Uh ohhhh...I see a whole in my pocket coming!!!
    Love all of this...
    xoox Catherine
    PS have you got them all in BLUE? LOL that's a joke ;-)

  6. Hi Kym
    Yeh I think I am a winner. Thank you. Great excuse to come and check out all your lovely buttons and goodies again and have a coffee @ Brunetti (of course).
    See you in next few weeks.

  7. I just discovered your wonderful shop and would have loved to have browsed for ages but the scent was overpowering and I couldn't stay. There are a number of shops that I have to miss because of this. I'm still happy to tell all my friends about you.