Friday, April 15, 2011

Mad I'm not a hatter

We have had so many new pieces of vintage millinery turn up this week. I'm mad not to be a hatter. Or milliner to be precise, we have a young and passionate hatter who insists that milliners make women's hats and hatters make men's hats. Is this true? What happens when a maker of women's hats makes a hat for a man?
The photo above features some of our lovely vintage millinery stock, including:
vintage Swiss braid, French silk veiling, beautiful wide sheer silvery grey vintage rayon ribbon, antique French horse hair hat adornments and lots of pearly and hand dyed vintage stamens.

Art deco bird shaped adornments, extra wide vintage French yellow/gold colour moire rayon ribbon and sheer French rayon ribbon. These lovely old Swiss braids are beautiful, the black one featured in this photo looks like Venetian candy cane spiral glass. The vintage yellow stamens are new, and they complement the rest of our collection perfectly.

I adore these colours so much I almost can't bare to part with them. Beautiful ivory wide French rayon ribbons in woven stripes and and polka dots, cotton and silk grosgrain, prettiest pearly stamens, two of my favourite Swiss braids and of course the divine Deco angel wings.

This wonderful Kelly green is soooo Irma Le Duce! A favourite film of mine with the gorgeous young Shirley Maclaine playing the Parisian street walker Irma and Jack Lemmon as her confused lover. It is quite mad but worth watching for the costumes and her charming shabby apartment. The reason I always associate green with this film is Irma only wears green clothes, particularly this shade. This photo features two sets of art deco French angel wings, a black feather adornment featuring egret feathers, French plaid and black moire rayon ribbon, Victorian silk ribbon, glorious wide Swiss braid, vintage stamens and fabulous French buttons.  

This collection of adornments feature lots of lovely game bird feathers such as pheasant, they are so old but in such great condition it really is amazing.

Classic French chic, navy blue and ivory, very Jackie O. Heavy double sided extra wide satin in navy, sheer French cream wide rayon ribbon and beautiful navy moire with a woven chequered boarder. Vintage ivory Swiss braid, antique French navy bird hat adornment and sublime silk veiling in navy with tiny ivory hail spot.

Finally a rare collection of vintage millinery fabrics. From the left, heavy lustrous dark chocolate brown satin, taupe, grey and scarlet velvet with machine stitched detail, lemon fine grosgrain and slightly courser bluish grey and white grosgrain. A number of these lovely things sold before I could even get them into the display cabinet, so if you see something you like don't hesitate to call.

Have a great week and check in next week, there should be a few more things by then x


  1. these millinery supplies are to die for. do you ship to europe?

  2. Hi mon bibi,

    thanks for your message! Yes we can ship to most places, if it is feathers you may need to check your counties quarantine rules.

    Please let us know if you need any information about products featured on this blog.

    Best regards Kim