Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth Sale!!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!
What an extraordinary life to live, not sure I could manage it, even with it's privileges. The Queen's generation lived through and survived such a tumultuous period in history, I wonder if they really are the last great generation.
One of our customers  recently told me a great story about their mother, who on hearing about the imminent introduction of rationing during the war, went to her local fancy goods purveyor and placed a large lay by. This meant that during the war she could keep paying off her lay by, which kept her stocked with embroidery supplies throughout those dark years. I love to think of it, even a war couldn't stop a woman from her stitching!

To celebrate the Queens Birthday weekend and to make our stock take a little easier we are having a SALE, yayyy!
Selected pieces of Sophie Digard will be up to 1/3 off, Ayalla Bar and Ruby Teva accessories 1/2 price, selected Moda and other fabrics 1/2 price, Liberty Lifestyle 25% off, books, gifts surplus trims and other bits and pieces all 1/2 price or more, divine hand loomed silk ikat cushions, bags, cushions and throws made from vintage Indian textiles 1/2 price, crazy prices, get in quick for gorgeous bargains. We almost never have enough Sophie Digard to have some on sale so be quick, all Sophie Digard pieces will be listed on our online store on Sunday so they won't last long.

Please note, no holds, lay bys or further discounts on sale stock.

10am to 5.30pm, (please note we are not sure if the lift will be turned on, stairs may be the only option)

NEW SHOP HOURS AS OF 8/6/2013 10am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday

Have a fabulous long weekend, we hope to see you at the sale x

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