Sunday, March 10, 2013

Few and far between........

WE WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY 11/3/2013 (public holiday) FROM 10AM TO 5PM
 please note the elevators are often not available public holidays so access may be by stairs only
I know my posts have been few and far between of late, I will be back on track soon. Max, Mary and I have been working feverishly (literally in this late summer heat wave) on the online store. Who knew it would take us so long, we can't wait to launch it, which is seriously happening soon. We really need to get it done as the Australian Quilt convention is only 5 weeks away and we have lots of goodies to get ready. We want to make a mini l'uccello store for our stall, not sure how it will come together, my carpentry skills are a little agricultural to say the least. I will post a few progress photos when the power tools come out.
While I am thinking about the pros and cons of tongue and groove timber, Johanna is making more of our lovely sewing boxes. Her work is so precise and the new batch are looking superb, I will post some pictures when they are finished. Max is due to hit the workshop running this week to start on a new batch of our Marie Antoinette shoe pin cushions, beautifully made in a joyful macaroon palette of colours, we can't wait to have them back in stock.
While the weather is making us all a bit tired and cranky, lots of lovely new stock arrived this week to cheer us up. Gorgeous new fabrics from Yuwa and my favourite designer Judy Rothermel, lots of French lovelies such as linen string, antique threads, vintage loto cards, Savon de Marseilles olive oil and lavender soaps and vintage millinery veiling. We also now have a huge range of hand dyed pure wool felt and pattern book Sew soft toys by Karin Neushutz, full of the cutest Steiner inspired animals. It is hard to be grumpy with you are surrounded with so many lovely sights and aromas.
Possibly the biggest news of the week is the long awaited new elevator went into service this week. I must admit it is a bit strange, no more wrestling with the heavy old outer door, the door now glides open and shut and the elevator smoothly deposits you almost to our front door. So if you usually take the stairs in fear of the old rickety lift then please consider the new one, it is marvellous. Of course our dear Joan is still driving the remaining manual elevator, thankfully she will still be around for quite some time.
Hand dyed felt and pattern book by Karin Neushutz

New fabrics designed by Judy Rothermel

Vintage French loto cards, French lavender soap, balls of French linen string and our own lovely new range of Scented Pillows for Linen.

Yuwa gorgeousness.

Divine voile from Yuwa with woven hail spot and pretty printed posies, new airfreight edition of Molly Makes in store now, collection of antique French linen threads and vintage French veiling & feathers (feathers are nearly sold out already)
Have a lovely long weekend if you have one  x

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  1. I actually like the stairs - they give me a chance to peak in on the other shops on the way up- and I try to savour the moment I arrive at your door! I think I need some of the Yuwa "Bonjour" fabric! I don't suppose you have any of those fabulous Suzette magazines again, or the like?