Friday, December 7, 2012

All I want for Christmas is a Sophie Digard

We have had some lovely new Sophie Digard arrive in the last few days, pretty summery linen pieces both crocheted and embroidered. This is a quick catalogue of some of our stock, we have included a few winter items for our customers in the Northern Hemisphere. Please contact us for further details.
A quick note about Christmas store hours and progress with the online store.
We will be open everyday until Christmas from 10am to 6pm including Sunday. Please note if you are planning a visit on a Sunday the lift is unlikely to be turned on (building management policy) so access is by stairs. 
We will be closed for all public holidays, I will post exact details a little closer to Christmas.
The online store is still under construction, between tech issues, busy shop and the huge number of items to documented we are way behind schedule. We hope to launch in some limited capacity in the next few days fingers crossed and then after Christmas we should be able to get everything else listed. In the meantime we can of course arrange mail order over the phone, thanks for being so patient.
 No 1 Woolen crocheted handbag with tiny embellished velvet balls  SOLD

No 2 Large woolen scarf

No 3 Large woven ultra fine woolen scarf with embroidered detail

 No 4 Large woven ultra fine wool scarf with embroidered detail
No 5 Crocheted wool and kid leather gloves
No 6 Embroidered velvet broaches
 No 7 Large linen crocheted scarf
 No 8 Large linen crocheted scarf
 No 9 Large crocheted linen scarf
 No 10 Large linen crocheted scarf
No 11 Large embroidered linen scarf (embroidery is done in wool) and covers the whole scarf

No 12 Large embroidered scarf, linen on linen, embroidery is across the ends only

No 13 Large linen scarf with embroidery over the whole scarf

 No 14 linen crocheted bag with small embellished velvet balls SOLD
 detail of above  SOLD
No 15 75 cm necklace made from crochet linen and velvet
Have a great weekend x


  1. I'm going to own a Sophie treasure..... one day! Sigh!

  2. I just love Sophie's beautifully handcrafted heirlooms. I have 2 pieces and am glad I am not in Melbs or would be right in there. Go on girls. Treat yourselves. You deserve it. And you will get your $$ worth in sheer pleasure and comment from others!

  3. Wow...
    Those fabrics are so beautiful!
    The gloves are amazing.

  4. C'est éblouissant , j'aime, j'aime...bravo !

  5. Do you have large scarf # 3 and/or #12.need to know sizes and prices...also any of the necklaces..length? and price? Thank ou, Becky