Thursday, August 23, 2012

We didn't forget..........

We didn't forget to blog, or Facebook or Pinterest or answer emails or buy coffee (3 mornings in a row no coffee!!), well I did actually forget the last one. It's been mad around here with deadlines on our deadlines. We have been designing and making new products, doing new windows for Kleins and Kozminskys (will go in on Friday) and we had Open Studios last we which was another fab couple of nights in the lovely old Nicholas Building. Just as well we have had so many gorgeous deliveries to distract us, finally our huge order of Sajou delights turned up, and it has been well worth the wait with divine little sewing box kits, thimbles & a new display box for them, boxed sets of embroidery patterns, superb pins and needles and all of threads we have been low on. I have taken lots of photos so enjoy.
Don't forget Remie's Skirt Pattern making class starts next week so sign up quick if you are keen to learn how to draft patterns for the perfect skirt, it's not hard and Remie is ever so lovely! Scroll down the page for all of the details or just ring us on 9639 0088.
Sewing boxes, scissors and superb thimbles from Sajou, all made in France.
Lovely boxed sets of old French embroidery patterns, lots of monograms and other pretty things, perfect for a little fancy work!
Along side complete sets of Sajou lace making thread, embroidery floss and wool threads, we also have new deliveries of Valdani hand dyed silk pearl 12 (divine colours) . We also now stock Prescencia, a lovely Spanish range of stranded cotton (Egyptian cotton) great colours and only $1 per hank.
New deliveries of antique French hand made lace and linen monogrammed tea towels
More of these cute French children's magazines arrived too, they date from around 1910 to the 1930s
A few nice millinery pieces, vintage black straw braids, pretty vintage flowers
Lots of pretty antique mother of pearl buttons, fabulous deco celluloid and crystal buttons and more great ribbons from East of India.
So many new fabrics we actually don't know where to put them all, including these sweeties from Moda  & Kokka amongst others
The Sophie Digard spring summer collection has started to gallop in like this gorgeous zebra and the necklace behind which is made from tiny balls of linen. Check your inbox in the next couple of days, we will send out a newsletter as soon as the rest is in.
Here's some of things we have been making, beautiful Victorian style sewing boxes filled with a delicious selection of new and vintage essentials, and sweet little pincushions made with 1930s sackcloth and cute vintage buttons.
Finally just a couple of vignettes from around the store just to make up for being away for a while.
Thanks so much to everyone who checks in on the blog, we really do appreciate your interest and hope to be bit more regular with the posts.
Have gorgeous week end!


  1. Those lovely photos will last until I have time to drop in again! Beautiful!!!

  2. Ooo! I rather fancy those sewing boxes.

  3. Looking forward to visiting tomorrow with some friends!

  4. Oh, so many lovely things. Is it going too far to say that Sajou products are "Stitchers' porn"?