Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We have a bit of catching up to do......

Sorry it's been a while, we have been busy haberdashers (still) moving things around in the shop, making and sending Mother's Day orders, helping lovely customers, unpacking LOADS of new stock, deliberating about where we should be directing our energies, setting up our online store and a little daydreaming when we can fit it in.
The upshot of it all is the the store is looking lovely and full of gorgeous things, the online store is about halfway there and we have reluctantly decided with the exception Kleins Perfumery and Absinthe (new outlet for delicious Frank and Mint Linens in Albert Park) to discontinue wholesaling our range of hand made items. The store is just getting too busy to keep it all going at once and we would rather be making lots of special things for l'uccello instead. I have so many ideas percolating away and not enough time to experiment and have a bit of fun creating, sometimes you just need a bit of reset to get back on track.  

Lots of lovely gifts for Mum, pretty note books hand printed in India, these lovely Vintage carnations are over 70 years old, our new favourite book Paper Bliss by Skye Rogers, full of beautiful paper based projects. Very exciting news!! Skye will be coming to l'uccello to give a workshop on projects from her gorgeous book on the 6th of June, I will post all the details by Friday. In the meantime please ring the store for all of the times etc, be quick very limited places!

Fabulous new range of bags made from vintage Indian textiles

Divine new range of flat silk embroidery threads in a great range of colours

A stunning new collection of Sophie Digard arrived today, as always the colours in the photos don't do justice to these little works of art, they are the loveliest autumnal shades including greens, blues and earthy tones, exquisite.

A huge new shipment of fascinating creative and traditional kokeshi have just been unpacked, a number of them are by master craftsmen in a very distinctive different styles,(including Princess Leah up the top)

Fun new products from TMOD, a young Australian team create these clever and whimsical paper products. They include Scratchy cards which have areas covered with the same material scratchy cards have, the recipient has the fun scratching them off to reveal hidden messages or images. Pass the parcel is perfect for your next party, each layer contains a different party hat. Finally the Snail mail paper aeroplane, a paper aeroplane to send a letter on, accepted by Australia Post in its folded shape, too cute!

The Divine Ms Melia finished her first round of classes a couple a weeks ago and all of the ladies had a ball. The great news is Robyne is keen to do more classes through the year, we are just working out when and what, I will post the details asap. The last class coincided with our 2nd birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us, hip hip hooray! So we celebrated with sweeties from Brunetti and a little bit of bubbles, yum

GIVE AWAY time......
Just so you don't feel left out this huge collection of Valdani hand dyed threads, kindly given to us by the lovely Stephanie and Lindsay from Maytime to go to the first lucky person to post a comment. To enter you need to be a follower of our blog, and the question is what does l'uccello mean to you?  
There will also be 4 mystery runners up prizes too, I will not post any comments until Friday so you will have to wait to see if you are a lucky winner, good luck!

Well I did warn you we had a lot to get through, but it's always fun and a such a pleasure to share all of these lovely things with you, have a great week x

PS I am trying to come to terms with Facebook, we now have a page and we have a Pinterest board as well, called luccello loves vintage. I will work out how to add all the buttons and bits to make it easier to find them......don't even start me on twitter and then there is Polyvore.... now I am going back to my hexigans!


  1. l'uccello is a treasure trove of exquisite vintage gems, beautful handcrafted accessories and select haberdashery to dress up your next project. Every time I visit I discover something new and delightful. I feel like a kid in a lolly shop, eyes agog, and I want one of everything.

  2. Happy Birthday l'uccello. L'uccello means many things to me - beautiful, colourful, textural, exquisite... I just wish I could visit you more!

  3. Raylene RichardsonMay 9, 2012 at 11:59 PM

    To me, Luccello conjures up authentic vintage-tucked away in an olde worlde arcade. Another world really-one of quality accoutrements, ( what a wonderful word) beautiful bits and bobs and so much fun to explore.Luccello is actually my most exiting place to visit on my trips to Melbourne from the country-beautiful fabrics,felts, threads, bobbins,handmade gifts just to name a few. Lots of unique gifts for my family this year from Luccello -thank you Kim for Luccello the bower bird,such a wonderful change from the big department and chain stores.

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!
    l'uccello means treasure!!
    lots of xoxorachael

  5. What does L'uccello mean to me?
    For me, L'uccello is but a door into a hidden and illusory world of ever changing treasures, wonders and snapshots of the past and present; carefully mixed, doted upon and combined with just a hint of mischievous modern day eccentricity.
    Upon entering, those who dare pass the foreboding yet playfully adorned steel door gracing the store’s entrance are greeted by a veritable whirling carousel of colours, textures and sights and sounds that never fail to bewilder and fire the imagination, capturing the heart for all time henceforth.

    It is a place of discovery, tucked neatly within the winding and spiraling halls and stairwells of the equally mysterious and beautiful Nicholas Building. A haven for those wishing to fall out of their time to rediscover one of grander occasions and festivities, the crystal ballroom windows adorning its far wall, streaming a rainbow of refracted colours and twinkling lights into the room, lending a timeless air to a store so new yet so comfortingly familiar.

  6. Ucello to me means beauty at every turn! There is so much to take in! Time for another visit I see!!!

  7. Visiting Lucello is like entering another time and world. I just love seeing all the beautiful items. Even the building is old time! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  8. L'uccello is a treasure trove!! A place for inspiration, memories of things old and precious, colour, texture, variety and always a friendly smile and great service.

    Thank you for the chance to win! :)

  9. Kim, I love each of your posts! I am a follower who drools over all your gorgeous pics. L'uccello is the most divine and inspirational shop and I wish I could visit more often.
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Love the Valdani thread and thank you for the chance to go in the draw

  11. L'uccello means gorgeousness galore! Technically I think it means a bird in Italian but being a girl with very distinct collecting tendencies in the haberdashery field, I think it means bower bird.

  12. The carnations are very tempting!

  13. I am from Perth but have visited L'ucello twice now. It is a pandora's box of inspiration! I found myself wandering around and around the shop, taking it all in and not wanting to miss out on any tiny detail. I am a lover of all things craft and was delighted to find this treasure trove of lovliness in such a beautiful location too! And I can't wait to go back again next time. Donna W

  14. I had heard of this mystery place tucked away in an inspiring old Melbourne building. Up the liift I went and was suddenly taken back in time. I'm sure I went to a Dentist here as a small child. This was to be a much nicer experience. I entered L''uccello and was simply blown away . The memories of my Mother and Nana's stitching bits and bobs came flowing. All those lovely things of the past and some beauties for the future. Thanks L''uccello .

  15. An overwhelm of colour, texture and sheer beauty, l'uccello is heaven for textile lovers. I believe it's a little like getting a glimpse inside your extraordinary mind, Miss Kim. I love it!

  16. I can't wait for your online store to be ready. I visited last saturday (from Perth) and bought as much as I could squeeze into my carry on suit case.

  17. My niece and I visited your lovely shop recently while in Melbourne for AQC. Coming up the stairs from busy noisy Swanston St it was like entering another world ... like escaping to a time in the past where everything was calmer and less hurried. We oohed and aahed over all the pretty fabrics, threads, buttons and trims. My niece was really taken by the felted licorice allsorts you had on display. I loved your bunting and the patchwork on your front door. We will definitely visit again next time we are in Melbourne.