Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh sweet Liberty!

We are so excited about the arrival today of our first shipment of Liberty fabrics, how delicious! So many pretty patterns, I can't decide which one I love best. I am working on a scrappy hexagonal quilt at the moment and have started to incorporate Liberty scraps left over from the production of our Liberty and linen hearts, it is looking so pretty and fresh, I'll post a picture when it is a little bigger. So of course I am eyeing off a few of the new patterns in our delivery, maybe a little piece or two might accidentally fall off into my patchwork box, oops how did that happen?

And just in case that was not enough to get our eyes spinning the second new shipment of vintage millinery turned up today too. It must be my reward for spending all week sorting buttons and miscellaneous boxes of odds and sods, endless endless boxes. You know when you start having a tidy up it all starts so well, then the mess starts to look worse before finally looking better, well we are not quite there yet. Once the new room upstairs is finished and we can finish moving all the spare stock to the new storeroom we may even reclaim the office, who knows I might even see my desk one day. Any way almost all the buttons are sorted which is fabulous so I can spend all day tomorrow pricing all of these lovelies and finding somewhere to display them into the cabinets.

A couple of lovely new vintage straw and crin braids, pretty little blossoms and lovely new silk and organza roses

More gorgeous vintage stamens

The perfect hat trimming for Peter the Rabbit

Fabulous rare leaves

Lovely new colours and textures in this collection of vintage leaves

And while all of this was going on downstairs the lovely George was busy painting the new classroom for us, I hope you like pink!

Finally don't forget the Happy New Year Sale continues, between 10% - 50% off everything!

Have splendid week x  

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  1. cant wait for classes! when do you start? anything for Valentines day?