Thursday, October 13, 2011

In case you were wondering....

In case you are wondering why I have been very quiet on the blog front, we have been flat out making these giant softie perfume bottles.  It is the latest window display at Kleins Perfumery ( ) in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. With lots of help and beautiful stitchery by Johanna, I have made more or less scale replicas of some of our favourite perfumes at Kleins. Kleins is of course the loveliest perfumery in town and we thought it would be fun get crafty with a few of their divine scents.They are selling fast so if you would like one, you'd better get in quick. 
I have stacks of shop news but the camera battery was flat so hopefully I will get some photos done tomorrow and I will try to post tomorrow of Friday night. Also I will have dates and details for our first classes at l'uccello and dates to pencil in for our Christmas market, so stop by again in a couple of days.

Have a fab Thursday x

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  1. driving passed and nearly had a car accident gawking at the bottles!
    they look fabulous!