Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabulous & French

It has been a fast and fabulous couple of weeks, lots of packing wholesale and mail orders and lots of un packing of deliveries of new stock. Most fabulous is this lovely old cabinet, already stencilled with mercerie (French for haberdashery.) The other fabulous French arrival is our first delivery of textiles from Artiga. Brilliant woven stripes in the most gorgeous colours, traditional in the south west Basque region of France. Our first shipment is espadrille fabric, 15.5 cm wide, it is perfect for all sorts of projects. Our second shipment due in a couple of weeks will include regular width fabrics in the same woven stripes 

So of coarse to accommodate the new cabinet I had to move every piece of furniture around and around and around, until finally deciding to put it where I first thought it should go. And you know how it is, especially as it seems spring is here, I then decided everything had to tidied up, rearranged, cleaned etc. So two and half very long days later I have finally put the store back together and I must say it is looking fresh and lovely again.

These sweet little vintage Czech forget me nots arrived late last week, so charming.

I finally have managed to restock nearly all of the l'uccello products including some of these lovely vintage greeting cards made with original antique post cards.

There are a few new vintage Kokeshi dolls, this is my favourite.

Just a few shots of  around the store

Vintage Cutie Doll kits are back in stock at last, this one looks like she may have had a little tipple too many before putting on her lipstick.

This is the third rainbow I have seen in about 10 days, I can't remember the last time I saw so many or seen them so close, this is looking up Collins Street towards the Paris end. I have switched to regular unfiltered photos for the last few photos so you can see the fabulous Artiga Fabrics more accurately.

Delicious don't you think?!

Have a fabulous sunny spring week x

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