Friday, June 17, 2011

Stamen Alive!

No.1  Red Berries

I must apologise for the appalling pun in the title of this post, but I couldn't resist. We are so excited about the arrival of all these fabulous vintage stamens it makes us feel like dancin'. Just be very grateful I can't work out how to upload music to the blog or your could be humming along to a Bee Gees tune or two, (and you know how those kind of songs get stuck in your head over and over all day!) So whether you're a mother or whether you're a lover...... you know the rest.

I can't even begin to tell you how much stock has arrived this week, we have some of the most fabulous vintage Swiss millinery braids we have ever had, lovely new petite feathers in the most gorgeous colours (perfect for men's hats or making your own feathered decorations.) 
New ribbons, fabrics, flowers, vintage silk veiling, French vintage buttons by the box full (very very big boxes.) I have been sticking prices on like a crazy woman and there is still a mountain to go. We have finally signed off on our new business cards, they are gorgeous, and hopefully will arrive from the printers at any moment.

I have promised a few lovely ladies to post pictures of all the new stamens in catalogue form for easy perusing, phone/mail ordering. I have started to photograph the stock for the online store (seriously, I have just bought a camera tripod and a copy of Photography for Dummies!) Thank you for your patience, I promise it is on the way. 

No.2  Left: lilac with white stem    Centre: double lilac    Right: Mauve with white tips

No. 3  Top: Tiny sea foam       Bottom: Hot pink with a touch of green

No. 4   Left: Pink with black tips  Centre: Bright coral   Right: Pink pearl

No.5   Far left: Fuzzy grey and red   Centre left: Pink with red tips  Centre right: Red
  Far Right: Black stems with white and red tips.

 No.6  Left: Large aqua pearl      Centre: Large Sea foam pearl
  Right: Delicate greenish grey and pale pink with green stems

        No.7  Left: Large creamy yellow pearl   Centre: Large soft yellow pearl  
Right: Medium soft yellow pearl  

No.8 Left: Flat white tips & black dots, ivory stems   Centre: Flat black tips & white dots, ivory stems  Right:  Round black tips white dots and white stems

No.9   Left: terracotta   Centre: Bright citrus yellow 
 Right: Yellow stems pale apricot tips & black ends 

No. 10   Long lily stamens in white or fuchsia pink

No.11  Left: Large metallic grey pearl  Right: Medium mauve/bronze pearl

No.12  Left: Large flat pearl   Right: Small round pearl

All of the stamens are of really lovely quality and condition, please note the photos will vary from their actual colours. I apologise for the odd out of focus bits, the light was fading and I had to get it done quickly (hence the copy of Photography for Dummies) Please feel free to ring or email with any questions you have regarding availability and and prices, stock of some items is quite limited.

Hope you have a bit of Saturday Night Fever this weekend, how hot was Travolta in that white suit?! Sharp.

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