Friday, May 27, 2011

Hot chocolate

I don't know for sure when I became a winter lover, it's not madness I suspect but nostalgia.
 The lovely old gothic style pile across the road from l'uccello, St Paul's Cathedral is always more beautiful in the rain and the fading light at the end of the day. Summertime may be more buoyant and fun, but it is not nearly so romantic as misty rainy winter, maybe it is madness after all.
l'uccello is filling the halls of The Nicholas Building with the scent of lavender, rose, cloves and secret spices, we are in the middle of a big production run of our Scented Pillows for Linen and our new Seed Packet linen sachets. We have been making mountains of lovely Heat Pillows with Lavender too, this year we have used lots of French General and William Morris fabrics. This batch are about to be shipped off to Kleins Perfumery over in Brunswick Street Fitzroy, so pop in if the city is too far, they are just the thing to warm up chilly toes.
I thought you may all be feeling a bit cold and out of sorts with all this rain and early cold snap, so here is a little hot chocolate to cheer you up.  

Deluxe vintage rayon millinery satin, it is so lustrous it almost looks like melted dark chocolate.

Delicious antique Bakelite and celluloid buttons and buckles, very special pieces waiting for the perfect coat or jacket to come along.

More lovely vintage buttons and buckles, made from casein, wood and plastic.

We have a large range of beautifully crafted vintage French horn and vegetable ivory buttons

Gorgeous civil war reproduction fabrics and lovely Kokka cotton/linen blends, perfect for a new cosy quilt.

More gorgeous colours from Valdani

A small selection from our collection of antique French silk and rayon ribbons, many of them date back to the beginning of the 20th century, the colours of these beautiful old girls are just superb.

Seriously hot chocolate! This great new book featuring iconic menswear pieces was supposed to be for the boys, but it seems to be very popular with the ladies too.

Finally we haven't had any words of wisdom from our Fortune telling dolls house in quite a while so we gave it a spin......

Have a fabulous week and stay toasty! x


  1. I love your blog.Love the maxim at the end.

  2. your shop and the special things i bought was the best part of my day...i think i may visit again sooner then expected!!x