Saturday, March 12, 2011

50,000 things

I can't believe it is Friday night already, how did the year get to be so fast already? I feel like I have 50,000 things in my head, and that is about 49,995 things too many! I have wasted at least a whole work day on emails, our connection at the shop is the worst ever, can I just say telephones are wonderful inventions! You pick them up, dial, talk, hang up - easy. As apposed to try 5 times to connect to the server, open the mail, loose the connection, connect again, take 10 minutes to load, then horror of horrors, attachments. Anyway sorry about the diatribe, telstra man is coming soon to put the cable on.
 So to rid myself of such pointless angst I spent yesterday creating a couple of vignettes with various props that I am collecting to decorate the shop for our rapidly approaching first birthday. We also have had some lovely new stock arrive so a few hours of arranging and patting them all did the trick.
Today I was happy as a lark, it was the perfect big sky day, endless blue that goes on forever and the golden sunshine of autumn. I have lots to catch up on, but some times you have to remember to breath.

We are having a gorgeous range of cockades and rosettes made using our lovely vintage ribbons.

Too much is never enough.

Fabulous new paisleys have just arrived.

More beautiful Valdani hand dyed threads.

Heavenly bullion tassels, made from real metal, they date from the early 1900s

More trims for my circus girls, a new project starting next week, too exciting.

I have started pinching the art work from home, this lovely old print is perfect behind the counter, don't you think?

PS Dear Fabricfantastique, apologies! I went to post your comment last week, but accidentally deleted it instead, thanks for taking the time to send it.

Happy Labour Day/Moomba have a great long week end x


  1. thats OK. Know how you feel with the computer...don't you just what to smash it sometimes!.
    Also, always brings a smile to my face when I see that you are posting march 12th...when its still March 11th here.

  2. Oh Kim what a superb series of photos, thank you so much for posting them. I hope the computer is more co-operative now.