Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out and about

I am a bit behind with the blog because I have been out and about, preparing decorations for the Kleins Christmas window that is going in tomorrow, finishing off Kozminsky's Christmas tree, packing more kits for wholesale orders  and sorting through a mountain of new stock, including a huge collection of vintage silk millinery veiling. I've also managed to squeeze in RMIT's 2nd year students end of year parade, thanks to Mia. Add a quick visit to the countryside to do a little pop up shop at an embroidery and patchwork group's Christmas party and a couple of paper patch worked reindeers for our installation in the Journal windows to promote our upcoming Marche Rouge Christmas shopping event. To say it's been a frantic week is an understatement

It was a fabulous show, with so many talented designers, very inspiring
Also inspiring was this lovely quilt, beautiful colours and gorgeous 19th century reproduction prints. It was one of many lovely pieces of work exhibited at the Christmas party event that we were invited to, where we set up our pop up shop. It was a lovely day with a great group of ladies, special thanks to Miss Gillian, Lady Margaret and Shirley.

Another gorgeous quilt!
How gorgeous are these roses from my mum's garden? There is no end to her talents!

The sky was this classic summer blue that goes on for ever today, I took this in Collingwood waiting for a tram.

 Here are the patchwork reindeers at Journal cafe in Flinders Lane, they are to promote our upcoming Marche Rouge Christmas Market. The patches are made from postcards,images, ephemera and fabrics from all the people involved, including Buttonmania, Pigment Gallery, Harold and Maud, Kimono House and of course l'uccello.

Exciting news, our delivery of Sophie Degard scarves and necklaces are on their way and should be in store next week. We are so excited to be stocking this exquisite range and can't wait for it's arrival, I'll post pictures as soon as the delivery arrives.

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