Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello l'uccello

Too exciting! We have finally got the land line phone connected to the studio, it had to be rewired from the basement and it seems electricans are still very busy after the big storm. I was so excited I had to take a few snaps of this miraculous device.

It's been a busy but fabulous week with our first week of trade going smoothly, thank you to all the lovely visitors, it was great to meet you all. I have been busy getting new stock for the shop, we sold out of vintage bobbins, this new delivery arrived just in time for opening this week.

We are also now in production of our new range of heat pillows, perfect timing it seems with the weather turning so chilly all of a sudden. They will be available exclusively through our store and Kleins Perfumery
(313 Brunswick Street Fitzroy), the link to Kleins will take you to their brilliant website. I have been doing the window displays for Kleins for about 7 years, lots of fun and hard work, possibly a few tears (yes sometimes it all goes horribly wrong -the old "seemed like a good idea at the time!") and friendships I will always treasure.

Cosy heat pillows ready for packaging.

I made  a series of these bird cages last year for the Kleins spring window to feature these gorgeous soaps and violet lollies from Paris and l'uccello vintage style pommanders. 

Despite my best efforts last week the sign for the door wasn't ready in time for my opening , but I did manage to get it ready in time for today.

Other little projects for the week were these new limited edition bags for packaging our lovely rose and lavender soaps, they are made from calico and there are 9 different vintage swap card images to choose

Fat 16th fabric "cigars", I have packets of unused vintage cigar labels and thought it would be fun to use them to hold the rolls in place.

I also managed to get more buttons sewn on these cards

hello l'uccello


  1. Hi Kim, More lovely shots of a beautiful project. I am pleased to see you have the phone connected, congratulations, Serena

  2. YUM YUM what gorgeous vintage fare..i would LOVE one of those sweet kokeshi dolls & some of those yummy vintage you take orders?? i hope to visit with Lyn in a few weeks time [she bought lots of goodies from you a couple of weeks ago..] cheers, Marian x